Senobe’s Strategic Goals

The Senobe strategic goals define exactly what the club is aiming to achieve over the next few years. All of our efforts and investments will be aimed at achieving these key goals:

#1 - Be the paddling club of choice – by understanding and communicating why Senobe is unique, by delivering outstanding programs, listening and responding to member feedback and instilling a sense of pride in our membership.

#2 - Offer a variety of paddling programs - Our club will provide paddling opportunities for all levels, ages and abilities and our programming will change and evolve to meet the changing needs of our community.

#3 – Foster a sense of community - We are committed to providing a fun, family oriented and friendly environment; a special place where paddlers and their family develop a sense of belonging.

#4 – To help paddlers be better today than they were yesterday - We will support and promote individual and team achievement and create an environment where paddlers can be proud of their personal accomplishments on and off the water.

#5 - Responsible stewardship of club assets - We are committed to responsible management of our club. We will achieve this goal through effective short and long term planning, strong management and financial control, continued growth and investment and effective communication

# 6 – Provide a safe and enjoyable environment - We will achieve this through utilization of certified coaches, trainers and life guards, assuring all paddlers meet the requirement for basic swimming skills, mandatory utilization of life jackets for Atom and below and life belts for Pee Wee and Bantam, age appropriate equipment and through the establishment of policies related to code of conduct and behavior.