Senobe's Values

The Senobe values define our beliefs and what is important to us. Our values establish the foundation of our club culture and guide all that we do. Our values are:

Member Health and Safety - providing an environment that is safe to prevent injury and illness.

Respect - a culture of inclusivity and belonging where individuals are always treated with dignity and respect.

Paddler Development on and off the water -we are not only developing athletes, we are developing people to become responsible and contributing members of our community and society.

Enjoyment and Fun -we aim to create an environment for paddlers and their families that is genuinely enjoyable and fun. We want to see paddlers smiling on the docks while their families cheer them on with their fellow club members from the deck.

Success-Individual and Team -though paddling is largely an individual sport, we want to assure paddlers have every opportunity to compete in team boats and to create a true team spirit amongst all paddlers even when they are competing against one another.

Families and Friendships -our club aims to create a unique experience for not just the paddler, but for the entire family. One where families have the opportunity to develop new and long lasting friendships.