Off-water Supervision 


Off Water Supervision for 2024

Cost: $975 per child

This is an add on to the summer paddling program. At registration you must choose a summer paddling package, in addition to the Off Water Supervision package.

Off water supervision is only available to children born in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018. If your child is outside of that age window, Off Water Supervision will not appear as an option. If you child is within that age window, and you, or another care giver are not going ot be present at Senobe througout the day, you must add Off Water supervision.

Paddlers will always be supervised by coaching staff during their scheduled paddling sessions, but not between sessions. Children who were born in 2013 or after require supervision while at the club. If you (or a babysitter, or relative) are unable to physically be at Senobe during the day to fill that duty, you must enroll your child in the Off-water Supervision add on. 

You must register your child as a paddler to enrol them in the Off-water Supervision add on. Off-water Supervision is designed around the paddling program, so if your child is not interested in paddling, do not sign them up for Off-water Supervision.

Off-water Supervision runs from 8:00am to 5:00pm. There is no early drop off/late pickup option. 


Summer Program vs Summer Program w/ Supervision add on


Summer Program

Summer Program + Supervision add on

2-3 organized practices per day, depending on age. (between two and four hours daily)

Full access to the beach and grounds during the day.

LIfeguard supervised swimming

Ability to purchase at the Senobe canteen during the day.

Ability to race in regattas (age permitting) 

Supervision between practices. 1:10 (or better) counselor to paddler ratio.

Organized activities between paddling sessions.

Play, fun and overall outdoor good times between paddling sessions.


What the Off-water Supervision add-on provides:

✅ Supervision between paddling sessions for your child born 2013 or later.

✅ A staff person for you child to check in with when arriving in the morning (rain or shine).

✅ A sun shelter to hang out in during the day


What the child care add-on does not provide:

❌ Meals/snacks for you child

❌ Organized activities between paddling sessions


Why would I need the Off-water supervision add-on?

If you are registering children born in 2013 or later, but are not physically able to be at Senobe during the day, or provide a babysitter for your children during the day, you will need to add the supervision package option to your registration. You will need to add one Off-water supervision package for every child requiring the service.